The Giant Robots Wht@200x-100
Delighfully Refreshing

What a thrill! After the world success of  Too Young To Know Better, Too Hard To Care  that went out in 2006 on Voodoo Rhythm, it has been seven years of drinking, smoking and lazying in order to have the Giant coming with some new material. But wait, not just a new LP, it’s a killer album recorded in one week at the now very famous Toe Rag Recording Studio in London under the conductor Liam Watson. You know, this studio where a roster of great rock’n’roll names went over to record unforgettable tunes. From Thee Headcoats to April March, The Kaisers or The White Stripes. They all loved the so special atmosphere of the place, with only vintage audio gear, excellent tea, and not one computer or new bullshit at all. The Giant Robots were also very proud to record their new songs in the city that saw The Beatles -among other- having big successes in the Swinging London period. Now sit down on your sofa, take a drink and put the needle on the vinyl to enjoy a piece of history.

SFR-051 LP Version and SFR-CD-024 CD Version SOUNDFLAT RECORDS (2013)