The Giant Robots Wht@200x-100
The History of the Giant Robots.

The Giant Robots is not a vintage band, they don’t play music for old people, deaf animals nor they play the blues. The Giant Robots are an original Rock and Roll group of 1996, they just celebrated their 25th birthday (can you believe it?), and their songs are still brief like it was twenty-five years ago at their first live appearence in the abraxas club near Lausanne, Switzerland. Every song of the Giant Robots is a potential hit single, thank to their God-damned famous compositions.

The fivetett consists of two cheeky wild girls, Julia and Tania, plus Tanguy, Guy and Michel. Tanguy is the acknoledged handsome one of the group, and he also plays the drums whose pulsating playing launches the quivering sound of the band . Guy is the lead guitarist, plays with such fuzzzz that his sound has been compared to a hundred of Fouga Magister aircrafts taking off. Michel is the lead singer and one of the most proficient rhythm guitarist whose reedy frame stands conducting center stage. The shiny part of the band consists of Julia studying social science and Tania studying social science too – and incidentally very good musicians playing bass and farfisa organ.

After the debut 7’’ ‘‘Introducing…’’, the ‘‘Invasion’’ CD and the ‘‘Super Robots’’ EP which has included, for the very first time a hit song in french, they released the world acclaimed ‘‘Too Young to Know Better… Too Hard to Care’’ on the unfamous Voodoo Rhythm label. Their latest long play “Delightfully Refreshing’’ was released on Soundflat Records, the tittyshaking label from Cologne. Recorded in 5 days in the Toe Rag studio in London by the analogic guru Liam Watson, this album brings back the spirit of mid-60’s rock’n’roll – yéyé! A new album (can you believe it again?) is planned to be released soon. Stay tuned! 

“ If you ain’t gonna dance at least after the 3rd song then you definitely need some Viagra action up your Butt’’ Reverend Beat-Man, 2006