The Giant Robots Wht@200x-100
Too young to know better, too hard to care

in the Tradition of 60’s French Pop Garage comes this Band from the French Part of Switzerland, Michel a Ultra Die Hard Mod from the romandie still believes in the 60’s.The way of Live was a thousand times better than today.. and he is right, or not !!! people did REVOLUTION not only talk about it like we do today and the Spirit of the 60’s you find also in the Recordings no Hi Fidelity shit with crap sub bass shit, it’s LO in recording and HI in Listening Pleasure. The Giant Robots exists since 1996 and one of their main inspiration are the Aiglons a french/swiss band from the mid 60’s. What’s good on the Giant Robots is that its Garage Beat.. these days everybody says from black flag over to the hives they do garage punk.. but what it’s all about you here in this record, Back to the Grave Garage Punk with a French touch it’s not aggressive it’s music to get girls and boys to bed and fuck with them and this it’s what its all about or not ? music to get Girls to bed with you, and if you ain’t gonna Dance at least after the 3rd song then you definitely need some Viagra action up your Butt. (Original text from Voodoo Rhythm Label!!!)

CD: VR1234; LP: VR1234VOODOO RHYTHM (2006)